How the Boogie let's me find new artists

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How the Boogie let's me find new artists

Postby briansullivan » Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:30 pm

I fielded a few questions this year on why we usualy don't see repeat artists at the Boogie.
I have to admit at one point I thought the same. Mind you, I'm not staff per se, a follower as are you, but,
I am glad they don't. Each year, I find X artists I have never heard of before, and I am so glad that Brad and Mike take the time to put together such an interesting mix. Something for all.

This year, to me personally, being a photographer in the pit, I loved Bernard's vocals and harmonics. Awesome. I took lessons on guitar at age 7, (that's 1966) and was trained classically. I closed my eyes at times in the pit and listened to his octaves, both guitar AND VOICE. WOW.

So, being a subscriber to Pandora, I started a Bernard Allison station. In the first day, I heard Joe Bonamassa, and then Joe Kelly Phelps.

If you have not heard of these folks, stop what you are doing and search them on You Tube NOW.



I am wondering, should I create a board on this forum about artists you got to check out? Mind you, it's not to suggest what they should have, just, what we should listen to.


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Re: How the Boogie let's me find new artists

Postby Dennis_Lintz » Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:12 am

I listen to allot of Blues off of :D . It has various genres, including of course, "The Blues!!" :!: I personally recommend 'ElectricBlues Radio' as a good station ( :arrow: ), and 'Bandit Blues Radio' as it has that southern rock sound to their blues.

I don't listen to local New Hampshire FM Radio much these days,... :roll: Doesn't quite feed the appetite. :lol:
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Re: How the Boogie let's me find new artists

Postby vanner80 » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:55 pm

I am for that Brian :)
I listen to XM satilite --BB kings Bluesvile all the time. :mrgreen:
One artist that I have herd on there lately is Doug Macleod,sounds alot like Keb Mo.
One that I would like see at the Boogie. :lol:
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